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As reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeders we believe in improving each and every liter. We breed first for ourselves. We test all of our breeding adults. We feel this is of greatest importance and more should be done to promote the healthiest puppies. If you want the best puppy or adult for you or your family please ask questions. Don’t fall for Tea cup Yorkies or you may pay much more than you bargained for. Ethical breeders do not breed for teacups. We strive to produce puppies with specific goals to improve the AKC breed traits such as color, good ear sets, good structure, and good knees with temperament being the first consideration of any breeding pair. We try to study the breed, and find we are always a student. We also believe in being involved in health studies and other activities for improving our breed and passion. Our Yorkies are our life and if you purchase one from us please be prepared to make a lifetime commitment. A dog is not just for a temporary good feeling, they cannot speak for themselves. You won’t find our Yorkies in pet shops, commercial breeding facilities or puppy mills. If you want a happy friend for life, seek out a breeder who cares about the breed and not just the money. We believe in what we have to offer. Every Hekan Yorkie deserves simply the best. We hope you enjoy our site. Thank you for stopping by.

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